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One of the things I LOVE about Pinterest  is that I find a lot of helpful tips for around the house.  Sometimes, when I come across a particularly savvy pin, it takes everything in me to not smack my forehead and proclaim, “DUH.”

With the weather creeping into Spring-like temperatures (and let’s be honest, have they even left Spring-like temperatures??), the Home To-Do lists start getting written. Whether it is a list of things to deep clean,  objects to organize, a decorating project or outdoor maintenance, warm weather presents the perfect weather to GET THINGS DONE!

Here are a few pins to start your Home To-Do list:

Pinterest Home Tips
Get Organized

My car is a mess – having this container could really help keep the trash-level down!

What a unique way to organize all the hair tools in the bathroom!

Organize your fruits and veggies in the kitchen

…and your canned goods in the pantry

….Or just organize your whole life!

Get Clean
Trashcans get the shaft when it comes to cleaning.  Here’s a good idea on keeping it clean throughout the year

Time to fire up the grills!  Make sure to clean your grates for fresh meals

A neat idea on how to clean your dishwasher

Until I saw this pin, I had no idea you could freshen up your mattress! 

So much indoor play during the Winter is hard on your carpets and upholstered items. Here’s how to clean them

Get Creative

Thinking of painting a room – make sure to use this handy tip so everything stays drip-free

Find tons of new ideas on fun DIY sites like this

Are you so inspired to start your Home To-Do lists?  Get organized, get clean, get creative this Spring.
And be sure to share with us YOUR favorite Home Tip pins from Pinterest!

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