Peppa Pig Review

One Saturday morning I awoke to the sound of “tooting” from our living room.  Two of my girls (ages 3.5 and 2) and my husband (age “too old to be laughing at this”) were cracking up laughing.  As I walked down the hall with the infant in my arms, amidst the giggles was more “tooting” sounds.  Then as I walked closer I realized it was NOT the bathroom noise I thought it was, it was piggy snorts.  None other than, PEPPA  PIG SNORTS!  Oh my goodness were my girls happy when they discovered the Nick Jr. show!!!!  

If you don’t know about Peppa and her adorable family, they love playing games, Peppa dresses up a lot and the family goes on trips and adventures.  My girls love the “jumping in muddy puddles” episode best.  (see embedded adorable photo, in my biased opinion)

So when the opportunity came to get a box filled with Peppa paraphernalia for them to play with, I jumped on it.  Toys “R” Us has just launched the new products and we were thrilled to be of the first to get to test them out!  Since I had a few weeks to write my review here, I used the toys as incentives for my oh-so-sassy 3.5 year old (going on 13).  Three days of no time outs and the gift was theirs!  Didn’t take too long, quite an incentive I gave her!  Thankfully, the hot ticket item she picked first was the Peppa Pig DVD featuring 10 “peppasodes”.  (Available at Toys “R” Us for $14.98  and downloaded on iTunes for $9.99.)  Shortly after she earned this, we took a road trip to the “thumb” part of Michigan for a family reunion.  We stayed in a house that was large (there’s the pro), but slightly dated (massive understatement).  There was, however, a tv with a dvd player so we could watch something!  And so Peppa was a morning dose of modern entertainment for the girls. Plus, the shows are only about 10 minutes or so, it’s a perfect time frame to just allow me to get organized for the day while they are entertained.

The other “hot” items were the play sets (made by Fisher Price).  They are seriously adorable.  The “Sip ‘n Oink Tea Set” ($15.99) is so funny!  If you have a child who loves to play tea party, this will be a HUGE hit!  My favorite part is the bottom of the tea cups have a pig nose!  HA HA!  So when my daughters “sipped” their tea they looked like a piggy!  Cracked us all up.  My older one (wish I took a picture of this) kept watching herself in the mirror drinking from the teacup.  My 2 year old was mostly fascinated by the house teapot.  Shaped like Peppa’s home, but pours like a regular toy teapot!  Today’s tea pot contained chocolate milk, it’s quite  a magical tea set.  Ahhh, to be young and imaginative.  

The other Fisher-Price item is a Tree House ($14.99).  It has Peppa’s friend, Emily Elephant, too!  The two can play in the tree house (door really opens) and swing on the tree swing or even have a picnic on the blanket!  It’s not too small where I’m worried about pieces with the baby, so it’s a perfect little toy.  It is technically for ages 3+, but it’s really perfect for all 3 of my girls to play with (supervised, of course).  

The Peppa & Family Play Figures ($10.99) are a great size and the girls use them in the Treehouse too.  Currently the baby enjoyes the Peppa Plush ($9.99), probably because of the smooth dress she’s wearing, different textures make babies happy.  :)
The only item I didn’t let the girls play with was the book Peppa Pig and The Lost Christmas List.  I read it and loved it so much that I know this will be an awesome surprise for them to open on Christmas Eve.  It’s such a sweet story, and funny too!  

Goofy sounding snorts aside, Peppa has a lovely family dynamic and I like that the girls enjoy the shows.  The English accents are fun to listen to, and Daddy Pig is quite the character (he’s my favorite)!  

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