Baby it’s cold outside!

Even before this crazy cold, we were spending a lot of time at home (avoiding the yucky germs), but with 16 month old twins I cannot stand the idea of leaving our house on these bitter cold days.  Honestly, the idea of two little coats, 4 mittens, two hats and loading them into a stroller…it’s enough to put me over the edge.  So, we’re here, at home, until its “warm” again (yes, I’m the “bad” mom who only has her kids wear sweatshirts when it’s 35 degrees

Naturally, I’m pulling out all of the Pinterest toddler ideas that I can find!  So far we’ve put straws into Parmesan cheese containers, which actually bought me 15 minutes of quiet time!  We also did a little coloring, I bought some coloring tablets when they were on sale at AC Moore last week.  The twins actually colored, when I’ve given them plain paper they just suck on the crayons.  Another favorite activity these days is playing with boxes.  I have filled an empty shipping box leftover from Christmas with a bunch of smaller boxes that I taped shut.  The twins have enjoyed carrying them all over the kitchen as much as building with them.  We have some other Pinterest inspired activities in a bin, ready to go when the melting (of the kids, not outside) begins again.

How are you staying busy with your kids while you are stuck in the house more than you’d like?

Written by Elizabeth a teacher turned stay at home mom of 16 month old twins.

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